A healing touch

"Absolutely the best massage I have had. Thank you for your healing touch and taking the stress out of my body in so many ways. My monthly flow was just so much easier and symptom free after my treatments. It made me feel so much better on the whole. You are professional and know what you are doing. Amazing!"

Mrs I

Nothing to lose, everything to gain

" I used to have severe period pains, to the point I was sometimes unable to get up. It was so debilitating. A friend recommended Tayba for Mizan treatment as she had found it beneficial for her problems. I was sceptical but had nothing to lose, if anything I had a lot to gain if it worked. The first treatment felt painful and emotional for me but Tayba was very warm and held the space for me. I had my first period after the 1st session and noticed a considerable difference during my menstruation. I was not in agony as I had been previously. After having 3 treatments I am able to function better without that excruciating pain. As Tayba had said in my initial appointment the more self-care I do the more I will benefit. No looking back now!"


Mums should get their daughters in for Mizan

"I booked my daughter who is 14 in for Mizan after having a course of treatment myself from another Mizan practitioner. It changed my life, so I knew that my daughter who is young would benefit as it would be ingrained in her to look after herself and her precious womb to help her in the future. Off her own accord she changed some of her diet and does her self care massage as often as she can. This is something for life and very valuable as it has laid the foundations for her and her periods are better. Would definitely recommend mothers who have daughters to have Mizan done as soon as they hit puberty."

Happy daughter